This is a personal blog. The views and opinions found on this blog are my own and if not will surely be stated and noted accordingly.  I do not get compensated for any service, product or opinions.  Nor do accept any form of sponsorship or advertising, paid or otherwise.  If so that too will be visibly noted.

Amid the miscellany of information on this website or in blog posts --  will  you find something to suit your fancy or peek your curiosity?  For reference, for use?  Possibly, possibly not. What is offered here, according to what was tested and experienced by myself, is for informational use only.  I share my experiences and outcome as I explore creating through cooking, aromatherapy, essential oils, writing or crafting. There is no intention to represent or warrant; to promote or diagnose as that would be your call or that of your healthcare provider. 


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I strongly believe giving credit where credit is due and will note accordingly.  If there is no reference made to the source of information shared then what is written is based on my own thoughts and experiences.