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Found this book to be very interesting and I like the idea of the "block drawing" in dealing with grief. I could have used this years ago.  Great job, Debra.     - Kathy  (GoodReads.com)

Thank you Dave for the Amazon book review.  - 09/2016 North Carolina

Debra’s book on recovering from grief is beautifully written with meaning and purpose. The artful and beautifully depicted squares enables the reader to deal with grief one day, one month at a time that provides thoughtfulness and inspiration. Debra’s grieving process is written with wisdom and from the heart. This is a valuable and useful book for one who grieves. Tending To My Wounds is a must read bringing thought and feeling to the process of grief.
— EW 08/2016 Florida
I eagerly purchased Coping with Grief One Square at a Time and couldn’t wait to read it. The book is an easy read and I found it to be very helpful. One of many things I took away from this book was a better understanding of how different grief can affect us all. I am grateful that Debra mentioned how within our own family how different the loss can affect us and made me better aware of what the needs of my own family may be. Some family members are closer than others. That’s not a bad thing, but could make the emotions we feel when we loose someone just a little more painful and harder to recover from. My deceased mother lived with my sister and now, all these years later, I wish I had given her more opportunities to talk about how the loss of our mother affected her. Great book! I highly recommend it.
— Patti Emmons 09/2016 Florida
As a visual person who also feels the need to keep a journal, I read Debra Walling’s book with a sense of both sadness and joy. Sadness as I lost my mother twenty three years ago and still find myself searching for the telephone to ask about her spaghetti sauce recipe or just to talk. It is always a shock that I cannot reach her in that manner, yet I feel her presence more and more as I grow old.

Joy in seeing Debra’s fascinating art and reading her heartfelt, poignant search for peace and joy in a world without her mother. Her voyage is one of courage, tenacity, growth and love and makes me feel I am a better, more knowing person for this glimpse into another beings’ gentle soul.
— Jill Branham East 09/2015 Florida
Wow - what an awesome book for those trying to deal with loss of a loved one. One step at a time, this will help those in grief. This can change your life.
— Anonymous 07/2016 New York
Debra Walling made an immediate good impression on me at our first meeting: She was, and is, open-hearted and comfortable in her own skin, strengths that make for building trust and friendship. I am glad that we have become friends.

Tending to My Wounds: Coping with Grief One Square at a Time is Debra’s description of her movement through deep sadness toward healing, through isolation toward outreach. Her strengths that meant so much to me upon meeting her are present in this book: Grieving daughter, open and inviting, journeying on the mysterious road from life to death to life again. She invites us to join her on this journey that all of us know, because we are mortal.

As Debra makes abundantly clear in Tending To My Wounds, death and grief are not subjects we usually are eager to explore. But explore them we must, because they are part of our humanity.

I’m grateful for knowing Debra, and grateful for her invitation in Tending to My Wounds to journey with her on this mysterious road, for it is a journey we find easier when we’re with a friend who holds our hand and opens her heart. I recommend spending time with this journal/book.
— John Sims 02/2016 Florida



Tending To My Wounds, Coping with Grief One Square at a Time was written because the resolution of grief is unique as each of our individual lives. In grief, we need an outlet for expressing emotions. The outlet is personal and needs to happen. In different ways, through different forms we gain knowledge, those varying approaches are what helps us to heal.

Too, aside from outside grief resources, the clinical side of grief, I needed a more personal approach to heal from the death of my mother.  I created what worked for me and what put closure on my grief with the hope that it might motivate individuals who might be looking for or wanting additional ways to contend with their loss — those varying approaches that help us to heal.


It is the how and where I put closure on my grief. Tending to My Wounds, Coping with Grief One Square at a Time is grief expressed through art.  The book is about my story of my grief through varying images based on a mood or emotion.  A committed number of days, one square, one day at a time.  Combined with snippets taken from the written expressions of my grief Tending To My Wounds - shows how a self-directed task prompted a deeper reflection on life, loss, death. The written and visual expressions of my grief gives another outlet for one to explore when one grieves, mourns, and bereaves.


Grief muddles the mind and staying focused after a loss or death can be difficult. The key issue addressed — Grief from any type of loss and how healing through art can help us refocus, regain momentum in our life after a loss.


When outside resources no longer fulfill our wants, desires, or needs we search for alternative sources to help heal, entertain or to learn. The key issue of the book is coping with grief; Tending To My Wounds, Coping with Grief One Square at a Time is how one individual handled grief enabling closure — so the book solved the key issue. Without someone wanting to create we would know little to nothing about each other. It is my hope that Tending To My Wounds, Coping with Grief One Square at a Time might bring some personal evolution to one who grieves.


I prefer not to look at any book as being in competition with one another. Books are written to entertain, teach or to learn. Now that is not to say, if there were two books on grief healing and only one could be had, I hope my book is picked.  Even then, it will only be better to those books with similar topic if what my book contains resonates with the reader.