DSW COOKS a really good snack!

These tasty treats appear to be the ongoing rage in the so-called healthy snack category and although I have yet to learn who the original creator is for what is called, No Bake Energy Balls I find numerous recipes with varying ingredients.  Many recipes have a similar postscript to  "add or subtract ingredients to your liking" so these no bakes can end up not being very healthy based on some suggestions. However, my never ending curiosity had taken me to the kitchen mixing

DSWpic Snack.jpg

several batches from several more healthier recipes.  The taste tests proved that the simple and quick recipes were surely worth the time finding each to be delicious and quite satisfying.  Some were way more addictive then others and although I have not checked the actual calorie, sugar, salt or protein content on any of the recipes tried I do know that I can't seem to make enough of the No Bake Energy Bites  recipe found at Give Me Some Oven website.  

For those six delightful friends that I shared with or made a batch for -- my apology for the delay in passing along the recipe as you so kindly asked.  Be it friend, family or acquaintance this is a mighty fine snack that you won't feel guilty eating so I finally share the recipe below.  Enjoy.

Thanks to  www.gimmesomeoven.com    

Thanks to www.gimmesomeoven.com