Looking for book publishing information I become distracted by reading various blog posts on other topics.   One in particular aroused my curiosity , one from the Adopting James blog.  The post referenced a book, My Ideal Bookshelf.   People were asked to compile their ideal bookshelf and share a short blurb about why they chose those particular books.  This got me to thinking of the books I read over the course of time and wondered what my ideal bookshelf would look like.   It was difficult to choose what books made the bookshelf or not because so many of the books I read have changed my life and made me who I am.  For starters I am a reflection of my parents and the array of books I have picked up throughout my life, in part,  have definitely enhanced my well-being.   Not in any particular order the books were shelved at random like they were when I picked them up to read.   Unless a book is recommended or a gift,  it is the book cover that usually attracts me to a book and pretty much the deciding factor as to why I chose a particular book to read.  Despite this method I have rarely been disappointed and definitely touched in some way from the content of those listed on my bookshelf and like so many others.  If not, then quite often I was at least taken on an adventure that I may not have otherwise been exposed to.

Debra's Bookshelf
Debra's Bookshelf

This task was a pleasant distraction from my daily routine and definitely worth the time to go down memory lane. I invite you to share your ideal bookshelf.  Simply list some of your favorites in the comments section or post it to your blog and share the link.  I am looking for my next read, possibly I might find it from your ideal bookshelf.

What is on your ideal bookshelf?

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