Mother's Day, DSW HAIKU

As we wind down the day to celebrate and appreciate mothers and mother figures let us also remember there are those where the day is not as cheerful.  From my collection of Haiku, Loosely Said is written shortly after I chatted with a woman who found the day rather difficult.

rest ■ reflect ■ renew



it’s a day for moms
time to polish the armor
think before you speak

DSW Haiku, Book Cover

DSW Haiku, Book Cover

At that moment in time...

Having one extend Happy Mother’s Day wishes is meaningless, even hurtful when one no longer has a mama or one has a state certified crazy mama or one who will never be a mama.  The courage to be honest is difficult so everyone gets the greeting of good intention… think before you speak.

© 2014 Debra S. Walling
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