It was a morning where the taste buds were steering away from the usual Chia, Hemp and Blueberry breakfast cereal.  Nor did they desire a vegetable smoothie, a donut or oatmeal.  Nope, the taste buds had a hankering for bacon and eggs however, with no bacon in the refrigerator all that could be found next to the carton of egg was a wee bit of ham and  Applegate cheese.  A container of cooked quinoa was nearby.  A bit early in the morn so the brain cells were in no condition to think of what to make with these ingredients.  Company was to arrive in two and a half hours so I ventured to the internet.  Entering egg, ham, cheese and quinoa the ole' web displayed page upon page of ideas and recipes.  With a few clicks I was taken to Iowa Girl Eats and there is where I stumbled upon the Mini Ham and Cheese Quinoa Cup recipe.  Partnered with a bowl of fruit and a cup of  lemon citron organic black tea... breakfast was served. Delicious at room temperature or cold.  Recipe follows.  Thanks Iowa Girl Eats!