Pieces of a Dream Gifts, St. Petersburg, Florida

Downtown St. Petersburg’s growth spurt just keeps rolling and one can’t deny that it is a happening place to be. Museums, performing art centers, art galleries, antique shops, retail boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants and breweries — add in random festivals and events taking place — it is no wonder it has become as popular as it has.

With so much activity, to include a myriad of eye-catching urban murals and street art splashed around, getting wrapped up in all the goodness one can fail to continue the venture further west on Central Avenue to catch the just as entertaining and exciting goings on at that end of town. 

I am guilty. I usually start my tooling around town, downtown moving west with good intentions though have to admit. Randomly popping in and checking out the numerous shops, shopping and stopping to sample the endless eateries and places to quench my thirst — traveling further west on Central Avenue never seems to happens. I have become way too tired,  too full or too tipsy to move another inch so I waddle my way back home.  Sometimes never getting accomplished what I set out to do.

Granted downtown St. Pete has a lot to offer yet there is just as much food, drink, shopping and entertainment found as one moseys further west on Central Avenue. Randomly dispersed one can stumble upon the same goodness, they just need to pay closer attention for those equally successful places to patronize are not so nested as those downtown. 

As a matter of fact, most are nestled in one of the many strip malls that fill both sides of Central Avenue.  Those small store fronts are hidden and one might very well miss them with a blink of the eye.  Like Pieces of a Dream Gifts located at 7126 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg; (850) 319-6775.

Owner, Patti Bradfield

Owner, Patti Bradfield

Pieces of a Dream owner, Patti Bradfield welcomes customers with delight and interest to the reason for stopping by - to browse or purchase. For an engaging shopping experience it is worth the visit.  

DSWpoad1 2.jpg

Amid the miscellany on the shelves, walls and displays there is wide range of items handcrafted by local artisans to include those from small Fair Trade companies with products from Thailand, Tibet and Indonesia to name a few.

From classical to whimsical one will enjoy the unique collection of jewelry and home decor. Greeting cards, candles, a handful of specialty books and a display of contemporary clothing for women fills the nooks and crannies of her space.

TENDING TO MY WOUNDS, Coping with Grief One Square at a Time : AVAILABLE at Pieces of a Dream.

TENDING TO MY WOUNDS, Coping with Grief One Square at a Time : AVAILABLE at Pieces of a Dream.

There is much to view and well worth the time to stop in. Pieces of a Dream Gift is a shoppers delight for a unique gift - for someone or for treating yourself.

Before or after your visit to Pieces of a Dream another one of my favorite spots within a short walking distanct is Ming Ming Tea Cafe. There a variety freshly made sushi is served and if not a fan of boba tea there is a medley of teas available for purchase -  many hand picked from Ming Ming’s family farm in the countryside of Guângxī Province. Tea accessories are also available for purchase.

So my fellow residents of St. Petersburg or tourists -  when you are out and about, tooling around downtown St. Petersburg dare to venture further west on Central Avenue if for nothing more then to check out Pieces of a Dream Gifts and Ming Ming Tea Cafe — you will surely not be disappointed. 

And if you are feeling exceptionally adventurous…continue onward and you will run into the beaches at Treasure Island which brings to mind several other suggestions to try but for now, I admire my new necklace from Pieces of a Dream while sipping tea and eating sushi from Ming Ming Tea Cafe in the good  and loving coming of my hubby, Jeffrey!

What hidden gems have you found as you ventured further west on Central Avenue?

Pieces of a Dream Gifts
7126 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33707

Ming Ming Tea Cafe
7218 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33707
(727) 623-0920