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Welcome newcomers, loyal visitors and followers of Papa’s Frog. Due to a few changes, the JOURNAL replaces my Papa's Frog blog at Wordpress. While visiting Papa’s Frog, some may have noticed I was definitely not a hardcore blogger and might wonder, what the heck is she doing starting another.   As stated in The Teachers Manual of 1840, 

tis a lesson you should heed, try, try again. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
— Thomas H. Palmer

So, do not give up on me just yet.  Nourishment for the body, mind and soul begins with a balance of healthy living principles, God’s Word and serving others.  I continue to enjoy and seek adventure, trying new ideas or ways of doing things and dabbling in a lot of things. Therefore, I EAT DRINK CREATE BE MERRY BECAUSE LIFE IS TOO SHORT NOT TOO.  The world is big with lots of people creatively sharing and I add to the potpourri of.  There are no blog writers at the Journal except for me; possibly I should considering my weak track record at Papa's Frog.

Nourishment for the Body, Mind and Soul

holds a miscellany of info on artful crafts, recipes, the written word or one of the many other areas that pique my interest. Shared by request or as a snippet of my day with the intent to be useful, helpful or informative to those who glance through the posts or pages of this website.

Old habits are hard to break though I will carry on, taking the advice of Thomas H. Palmer to try, try again because I believe out of old fields comes new corn. It is my hope your journey through this site be a pleasant one that you will continue to visit, follow or subscribe because one never knows what this piece of corn might pop up with that is worth chewing on and possibly storing away for a rainy day. 

If not - possibly  you will share this blog or website with those you know — After all, a French Renaissance philosopher and writer once said, 

It is good to rub and polish our brain against that of others.
— Michel de Montaigne

Do you agree?