Ice Pops


Most every one I know has tried coconut water and with all the ballyhoo for one of America’s many health crazes… the verdict, was either a delight or repulsive to the taste buds.   I decided to get on the band wagon to see what the hype is about and to find how my taste buds would react to this naturally fat free, cholesterol free and fairly low in calorie drink.

Testing several brands became rather costly and in the end found none that I tasted worthy of the price paid and with that the search for an enjoyable cup of coconut water ended. Weeks turned to months turned to a year eventually coconut water became out of sight, out of mind. Instead, I redirected my focus to crafting, baking and aromatherapy during which, the hankering for homemade popsicles popped up on more then one occasion. Popsicle recipes keep turning up all over the place so of course I had to see for myself and put to the test what has become another craze.

 With numerous recipes to choose, I did not take the time to make any because I do not have popsicle molds.  It wasn’t until a recipe landed into my hands listing coconut water as one of the ingredients -  a brand I did not recognize nor tasted.  That was enough to gave coconut water another chance to prove itself and triggered, who needs popsicle molds.

 The recipe is as easy as 1,2,3, as simple as fresh fruit, coconut water and agave. Deb-Walling-Popsicle-Ingredients

For starters… I am highly impressed with the 100% raw and organic coconut water.  Harmless Harvest surely made a tasty and enjoyable drink alternative.  Compared to others tried I am now content with finding a product, where the taste is worth the price paid. When in the need or desire for coconut water Harmless Harvest will be my choice.

Back to not having popsicle molds…


Rummaging through the kitchen cabinets I found a variety of shot glasses and plastic knives.  A rather odd combination and not the most aesthetically pleasing of ice pops to be had yet such served quite well for testing purposes. A rating of 5 out of 5 coconuts for a delightfully refreshing treat this Ice Pop Recipe is definitely a ‘keep’ recipe; though it would be nice to use the appropriate ware for my next batch.

Any popsicle mold recommendations?

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Good Things : July/August : Martha Stewart  magazine

Today -

Papa's-Frog-Logo altered photo debra photos

Did I...

tell someone I love them?

thank God for this day?

stop and smell the roses?

fix what was broken?

take time for me?

take time for someone else?

This was written on a scrap piece of paper found while rummaging through my recipe file.  Unfortunately I do not know who the creator is or where it was originally obtained; should anyone know please let me know so credit can be given where credit is due.

Homemade Laundry Detergent


In the DSW Test Kitchen #DSWT13:01

I am always on the lookout to find a laundry detergent more pleasing to the sense of smell and less harsh on all textiles that get laundered week after week.  One with a list of ingredients that I can pronounce, spell and know the meaning of.  After many trials I have come to settle, never being 100% satisfied.  One day, there among the random concoctions I make, from room sprays, cleaners, lip balm and herbal tonics to name a few - it finally hit me - why not create a batch of homemade laundry detergent .  Thus, the search began.

Between the library and internet, numerous recipes appeared.  Most internet recipes had the same list of ingredients except for the varying quantity of each ingredient.  From the comments share, I came to the conclusion it is a matter of personal preference making me wonder who the original creator is on the recipe I chose to test.  The recipe came with a comment as being the best ever homemade laundry detergent though once I began to follow the directions I found the given list of ingredients to buy did not match the list of  ingredients shown in the accompanying photo.


Here nor there minor adjustments were made. I continued as instructed ending with a rather large batch of laundry detergent considering it only takes two tablespoons per load. If that is the case, then surely this is cost effective.  It took no time to make and personally find it to be far better then any store brought brand.  To date, some 20 loads...  I have yet to find any color fading and a noticeable brightness to whites.  Offering a very pleasing scent with its 100% pure lavender essential oil it is non-abrasive with ample cleaning from ingredients I know how to pronounce, spell and know the meaning of.  Definitely taking the time to make a batch is surely worth the effort.

This detergent was made long after I printed the Homemade Lavender Detergent recipe from the internet;  there is no website or reference to who the recipe originated.  A strong believer of giving credit where credit is due - I apologize and ask, should this post find its way to the creator or one who knows the creator please let me know so I can give proper credit where credit is due.  Know your recipe is one that will continue to be a part of my homemade cleaning products and I thank you.DSW-homemade-laundry-soap3 

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Homemade Laundry Detergent

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