the book

A written and visual expression of one's grief - Healing through Art, learning to refocus after loss.

When support systems no longer provide the support needed or wanted, at some point in the great sadness and pain from loss we become a resident in isolation and not necessarily due to our own conscious choice.  Self-care becomes a fundamental pillar.  A daily ritual helps to improve the healing process in the loss endured. Read More  

the workbook

No prior art experience is necessary the Workbook is a place to explore your own visual expression of your loss, your grief. An instructional guide on how to get started with tending to your wounds through the art practice of ‘a Square-a-Day’ as told in the book TENDING TO MY WOUNDS, Coping with Grief One Square at a Time. 

Random quotes, information and insight on grief, types of loss, common emotions, stages and types of support also fill the pages of this simple and easy to use Workbook.  Read More


For business or casual attire, these colorful and playful silk scarves enhance any outfit. Designs are based on the artwork as shown in Tending to My Wounds, Coping with Grief One Square at a Time. View Scarves

"One should either be a work of art or heart a work of art."  -  Oscar Wilde

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